CloudDrive. All your files. On all your devices.

With CloudDrive, you can safely store all your presentations, spreadsheets, PDFs, images

and videos in the Cloud — and access them from anywhere.


Your files stay with you everywhere on all of your devices

Store your files online in a personal and secure space. Either upload your documents to your online space yourself, or let the CloudDrive application do it for you.

Save and Share your files in total security

Share your files with your family, friends and colleagues in one simple click.

Every file stored on UKCloudDrive is replicated in multiple sites in the EU.

A file viewer that can preview anything

Impress your friends with a gorgeous and easy-to-use file viewer that can preview over 200 file formats online, be it on the web or mobile. View photos, stream videos, play audio, open large documents, and more.

Free up space on your computers, tablets and smartphones

Free up memory on your devices without the bother of external hard drives. Archive in CloudDrive the files that you rarely access..

CloudDrive - Among the top cloud storage services online.

With a user base of over 2 million customers worldwide and an industry-first LIFETIME PLAN, CloudDrive is a super secure

online storage space for all of your memorable photos, videos, favourite music, personal and work documents.