Frequently Asked Questions

Your files can be public or private - You decide!

You can make files or folders private and even set an access password to protect them further.
You can view the amount of space you have used - and your remaining space, by clicking the 'Account Settings' tab on the top of the file manager page.
Yes! You can share your media onto various social media sites.

Go into the file manager then click the file you wish to share, on the bottom of the page will be the various social media sites you can upload to. Choose the site and share away!
It's really easy! Once logged in just click upload at the top of the page. Once the upload screen appears, you can either drag and drop or click the files you wish to upload from your device.
You name it you can store it! From things like movies and photos to important documents and internet downloads.
Just create a folder in the "New Folder" tab at the top of the page, name it for example "Photos" then upload or move all photos to that folder. You can also create as many folders as you like to help keep your account as organised as possible. Its as simple as that!
Once a file is added to Clouddrive, it's then uploaded Clouddrive's secure online servers. All files that are stored online by Clouddrive are encrypted and kept in secure storage servers. The storage servers are provided by a managed service provider, and they are located in data centres across the EU!
Storage space! The Home account has 500GB of storage space whilst the Business account has 2TB storage space. Which is perfect for small to large businesses and corporations, Or even just the average user who doesn't want any restrictions on the amount they upload.
Absolutely! If your in need of some extra storage just click the Extend Account on the top of your own Clouddrive page. The account will be upgraded instantly from the moment you make the initial payment.

If however you wish to downgrade, simply follow the same instructions as above and you will be downgraded to the selected account from when your next payment was due. This means you will remain with the previous amount of storage space until the payment date.

Please note, once you have begun your new downgraded account you will be required to remove files to stay within the usage limit of the new account if necessary.
Yes! Its as easy as uploading from your desktop. Just click on the file you wish to upload and
your good to go.
The answer to this is A LOT! Here's a few examples of what you can upload to fill 1TB worth of storage space. (actual capacity varies by content)

17,000 hours of music.
320,000 high resolution digital photos
1000 hours of digital video
250 movies (2 hours in length)

So there is no need to worry about buying new hard drives for your desktop/laptop or new SD cards for you phones/tablets. You can just upload to Clouddrive and keep the space on your devices spare.
You can let others view files simply by providing them with the link to that file. The link is located at the top of the page when you open up said file. No one else can see these files unless they have the link you provide them.
As long as you are an active user, then your files will remain stored on Clouddrive until you decide otherwise.
To personalise your account, like adding an avatar, simply go onto account settings and choose the avatar you wish to upload.
Of course! Clouddrive allows you to access your files from anywhere at any time. all you need is an internet connection.
Absolutely not! Your files are safe and secure on your account. However, if you wish to upload more files you will need to either upgrade your account or download the older files to be within the usage limit of the new account.
Don't worry! All you need to do is simply refresh the page then check to see if the file was uploaded. If not then retry uploading.

If the problem persists then feel free to submit a ticked or contact our support line. We will aim to resolve the issue within 24 hours.
Straight away! As soon as you create a new account you will be directed to your own Clouddrive page. Once your there, you can begin uploading.
Great! We encourage all of our users to tell us how we can improve Clouddrive for them. We will be shortly introducing a Change Log, where all of our users can tell us what they think will improve their experience.

We have many ideas and plans for Clouddrive in the future, currently we are working on something new and exciting. We will announce what's in store soon!