2 TB storage for $119.99 per year 

Do you have large or very large data storage requirements? The 2 TB CloudDrive account is for you!

You get 2,000 GB storage space to store all file types, which you can access from anywhere with an internet connection.

Your personal cloud is always with you

Beyond a few gigabytes, it's impossible to put all your data on the same physical medium or NAS - not with Clouddrive! Simplify your life with a unique data storage space in the cloud for a very affordable price. Access all your data from any device, using the Clouddrive apps for PCs, tablets and smartphones.

Large format file storage!

You no longer need to invest in external hard drives or worry about the security of your data - Clouddrive will store it and protect it for you. Music, photos, videos, texts, and presentation materials... you can store all of your documents in your own secure personal cloud.

You can also easily share a document with whoever you choose in just one click.

Choose Your CloudDrive?

You demand a service as professional as you are. Whether you’re an avid collector, independent professional photographer or a large Fortune 500 company,

UKCloudDrive brings you all the business-class features you need to get an edge on the competition.