500 GB storage for $59.99 per year 

You can test out the Clouddrive service with 500GB online storage space.

With 500 GB, you can back up all your data, such as photos, videos and music. Don't delay - discover cloud storage today!

Cloud storage - try it for yourself

Drop your documents into your free online storage space using a web interface, or the PC or mobile application. You can then use these same applications to access your files from anywhere - on holiday, at a friend's house or on your smartphone when you're out and about.

What's more, your documents are fully protected in Clouddrive's cloud. If your hard drive fails or your computer gets lost or stolen, you can quickly access your files in CloudDrive.

You can also easily share your files stored in CloudDrive with friends and family in just a few clicks. You can send them a sharing link, which they will then use to access the files.

Need more storage?

We now store more files on our PCs, smartphones and tablets than ever before.

That's why CloudDrive offers various storage plans from 500 GB to 2 TB.

You can upgrade your account at any time to get 2TB storage space.

Choose Your CloudDrive?

You demand a service as professional as you are. Whether you’re an avid collector, independent professional photographer or a large Fortune 500 company,

UKCloudDrive brings you all the business-class features you need to get an edge on the competition.